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Sois comme la fleur, épanouis-toi librement et laisse les abeilles dévaliser ton coeur

 Grèce Lesvos

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Όπως η μέλισσα μαζεύει μέλι από όλα τα λουλούδια, έτσι και ο σοφός ο άνθρωπος μαζεύει το πνεύμα όλων των γραφών
Mahatma Gandhi


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The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them
Saint Francis de Sales

Greece Lesvos


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ttttttt 057



Ellada Valerie 2016 gr.©

Panasonic DMC FZ200


Expatrié en Grèce



  1. Wonderful photos. I spend a lot of time trying to capture the bees doing their work. My husband has a bee hive and we get about 14 pints of honey from it each year. We have bees all over our blueberry plants, which are blooming right now.


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