Ferula communis

insectes 126

insectes 152

ↂ  Episyrphus balteatus  ↂ

insectes 150

.lkjhyt - Copie TYYTTT Grèce Lesvos

Ferula communis – Férule commune – Fenouil géant

Cette plante méditerranéenne attire énormément d’insectes.

images klikk Ελλάδα Λέσβος

Νάρθηκας – Φέρουλα – Ferula communis – Αρτυκας – Γιγαντιαίος μάραθος

Αυτό το μεσογειακό φυτό προσελκύει πολλά έντομα.

jytr - Copie Greece Lesvos

Giant fennel – Ferula communis

This Mediterranean plant attracts many insects.

insectes 108

insectes 054

ↂ  Graphosoma lineatum  ↂ

insectes 039


Ellada Valerie 2016 gr.©

Panasonic DMC FZ200


Expatrié en Grèce



  1. You did a great job capturing all these different types of insects. In July and August each year I can capture an array of different bugs on my bright orange milkweed plant. Monarch butterflies like the milkweed plant. Loved everyone of your beautiful photos in this post. Thanks for sharing.


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